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​​​​​​​Educational Symposium

​​​​​​​Video Marketing 

Direct Marketing is a tangible way for Physicians to introduce themselves to other physicians, promote their area of expertise and stay connected to referral sources.   We help design, print and mail marketing material directly to a deliberate targeted audience.  Our Physician database allows us to be precise and scrupulous in our direct mailings which increases the likelihood of new opportunities. 


​Social Advantage Solutions offers 60-90 minute coding and billing video meetings with live Q&A with certified coding specialist.  When your team is educated and knowledgeable, your medical practice can be paid appropriately for everyone's hard work and contribution.   We can deliver the information you need in a team meeting format or through video meeting.  ​

​​​​​​​Healthy Living Summit

Video marketing can be one of the most rewarding marketing strategies used today.  Engaging patients through video testimonials and healthy living best practices will positively impact your brand and business potential.​   We work with physicians on topic, video content, content calendar and we upload to the online venues that house your ideal audience. 

Local physicians come together to host a Healthy Living Summit in the community they serve.  This type of connecting is an efficient way to get in front of potential patients as well as give back to the community, not to mention it's great for your brand awareness.  A small panel of physicians will discuss their area of expertise and provide healthy living suggestions to the audience.  We organize and customize every detail of the event to ensure it meets the overall objective of all physicians.  

​​​​​​​Direct Mail Marketing

​​​​​​​Medical Coding and Billing

We create an opportunity for a physician to share the details of their specialty with other physicians.  Whether it's a lunch & learn, an intimate dinner or an after hours event, we create the perfect venue for you to connect with other physicians in your community  The symposium builds a network of referral sources and new relationships with the ability to build a solid foundation for your practice.​​​