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Sometimes good ol' fashioned direct mail is the best marketing strategy to meet your overall marketing objectives.  SAS can help create an impactful direct marketing campaign from start to finish.  We help design, print and mail your important information directly to a deliberate targeted audience. 


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Social Advantage Solutions is able to manage the marketing needs of your special events and campaigns. Social Advantage Solutions offers 60 and 90 day social media marketing campaigns that will increase organization visibility and awareness.  We can also accommodate direct mail marketing needs for campaign marketing.   Whether you are a non-profit trying to capture new supporters or you are a small business owner promoting a sale or a new product, we can help get your message across multiple platforms touching thousands of people.   

This package is a perfect fit for those that need a jump start socially connecting their business or practice to the world of social media.  We work with our clients to align their website and brand to the social media platforms that will drive results.  We also help you better understand the key components to managing your own social media platforms​ and how to capitalize on increasing your visibility. 

Social Advantage Solutions uses a two sided approach in analyzing your restaurant's current and future success by anaylizing both the customer experience and the business model.  First, we provide a full assessment based on the customer experience and perception; curb appeal, service, quality of food and more.   Second, we provide a complete analysis based on the business model; payroll, inventory control, cash flow and scheduling.  This combined efficiency assessment allows restauant owners to manage long term business growth while increasing customer loyalty.